Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTec Hybrid: Most Economical Luxury Model

The all new Mercedes Benz E-300 BlueTec Hybrid is all set for its market introduction with record efficiency values of 100 km/4.2 liter diesel and 109g CO2/km, accompanied by increased power and torque output. Its modular hybrid concept with lithium ion battery doesn’t impose any compromises on space and provides an inspiring driving experience with stop-start, boost effect, sailing, recuperation and all electric driving. The E 300 BlueTec Hybrid’s engine generates 204 horsepower with 500 newton meters of torque. The diesel powerplant fuses with electric motor rated at 250 Nm and 20 kW for producing a harmonious overall concept.

Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTec Hybrid

Professor Thomas Weber, Head of Mercedes Benz Cars Development and Daimler Board Member for Group Research explained that the Mercedes Benz E-300 BlueTec Hybrid symbolizes the continuation of their comprehensive hybrid offensive. The modular technology paves the way for them for quickly introducing hybrid models for complementing other model series. By clearly focusing on different requirements of international markets, they are able to provide accurately the models which their customers need. Mercedes Benz hybrid technology provides plethora of additional functions which enhance both efficiency and comfort and helping to deliver a special driving experience strengthened by accomplished sportiness.

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